Curious Things Actually Happen

by arosedavidson

It’s not good when you get the feeling that a friendship is splintering in small pieces. You feel like screaming at the person, saying get a life!, and simply walk away – just like I wanted to do.

Yet, something happened.

My phone rang while I was absolutely distracted. It was her, the person I wanted to scream at. It was not a typical thing, since she never calls me. Yesterday, she did it – twice.

When I found that out, I got so worried that I called her immediately. I didn’t think about the scream, or whatever I felt. I just called her. After all, the only thing that actually mattered was to know if she was ok.

She picked the phone with her usual voice and said everything was fine. I felt relieved.

And when I saw her with her brother, a few hours later, I couldn’t feel anything but glad. In a few seconds, we started talking as if it hasn’t been a single day since our last conversation.

That was, honestly, the moment I grasped everything about friendship. Although in the last few days I wanted – among other things –  to walk away, in the moment I thought that anything could have hurt them, I forgot it all. While we were talking, I haven’t felt any weirdness: we were all being sincere and close to eachother as always. And that has never happened about anyone else.

[After all this, get a break, Amy. For once in your life, just relax, pick a pen and some paper, and go to draw. You know you want it.]