There’s a lot I could write here, but I believe that most of my individuality would be revealed through my posts. Still, I’ll try not to use the third person to speak about myself.

I’m relatively a young person, but sometimes, I feel like the oldest creature above Earth. Yes, I am aware that it’s quite weird, but nobody said I was typical, right?!

As I’ve already said, I’m studing design at college – fashion design, to be more specific. It’s not a brand new interest: I’ve always appreciated the fashion world, but always thought of it like an unachievable dream. In the end, my life gave a 360º turn and here I am, looking for fashion books and the like. Despite all those things, nowadays, I’m not 100% sure of my choice.

I’ve been writing since a few years ago. Started with poetry, went through almost novels and a play. Actual blogging was something I came up with last year, I guess. Now, I decided to raise a blog here at WordPress because I think that, here, things are taken seriously, and not in the immature way I’ve seen until now. With that came the thought of writing in english, although it’s not the language spoke in my country [surely it will help me improving my english!]

I’ve got artistic interests – obviously. I like philosophy, architecture, photography, drawing, cinema, sewing, painting, sculpture and instalation, and even enjoy beading! [Well, maybe that’s exactly why the answer to the question what do you want to do in a professional way? is so hard to find]

And, as I’ve already said, my actual name is not Amy. Even though, that’s what I always put in my signature: Amy Rose Davidson. I know it might be quite weird but, after all, what are we but weird people in such a massive world?