First Thoughts

I believe that my first post explains a lot about me and the blog itself. So, here is First Thoughts, just like I wrote it, a few months ago:

Could it be even more weird if I started this with a simple hello world ? Well, I guess no.

First thing to know, I’m human. A human being with flesh and bone, with thoughts and feelings, with virtues and flaws.

So, I believe you’re curious about my nickname, aren’t you?! Despite it seems to actually be “a rose davidson” [which looks quite awkward, but that’s just my opinion], it stands for “Amy Rose Davidson”. And no, it’s not my actual name but the name I use for signing my artwork.

Uuuhh, artwork! , you’ll say. And I’ll reply: yeah, artwork. It might seem like I’m just another creature in the planet, but that’s not the truth. I actually am an artist, just like you read at the top of this blog, an aiming to be designer, with the soul of a writer. As you can deduce from that sentence, I am, currently, a design student; yet, I can’t deny the part of my being who is absolutely passionate about literature. So, I try to keep both.

Oh, and you’re definitely wondering about this blog’s title, Sketchable Paper Fold, so I’ll explain it, in a few words.

In a common, traditional writer who actually uses a typewriter [or writes in the paper, with its own hands], there’s this absolutely typical mania of crumpling the sheet of paper which contains the miswrote idea. After furiously folding, crumpling, that innocent paper, one will just throw it behind the back, without even looking at it. I guess you might be quite familiar with this, right?

But here is the thing: even that folded, crumpled, unusable innocent paper, is sketchable – if it is visually interesting, of course [which, most of the times, happens]. At that’s exactly the aim of this blog: you can use everything you’ve got, everything you are to create – and it doensn’t matter which type of art you use.

[Oh, and when I say you can use everything you are to create, I actually mean you MUST use everything you are to create]

Therefore, after all these explanations, I truly believe that everything is clear enough so that I can start posting regularly here, always at Sketchable Paper Fold.