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Living Between Several Passions

I often wonder if it’s enough. Drawing to earn my life, while living, in so many ways, for writing.

I wonder if I chose the right way, if it’s the right thing for me, if it’s really what I want to do.

I’m not trying to say I don’t love fashion, drawing, design, art in general – that would be the ultimate lie, and I’m simply not able to say it. Yet, writing is like breathing to me. It’s the thing that catches my breath, that prevents my heart from beating, the only thing I want and need to do when my thoughts are overwhelmed.

I always remember passing by my college – without having the smallest idea of what it was – and wonder about it. Thinking something like what are those two grey buildings over there? I never got the answer, until the day I actually went there. After a long while of tears, pain and suffering, I’ve actually felt home there. I felt like I was really supposed to be there, and wouldn’t picture my life in a different way.

I read college programs, many abroad, and I dream about seeing my collection in a catwalk, waving at the end of a show; about casually finding one of my pieces on a magazine, or reading my very own interviews as a designer. But I can’t help wondering if it’s enough.

In the other hand, if I had chosen a writing related course, everything would have been so different. I wouldn’t have lived half of the things I lived, wouldn’t have met none of the people I met – and who mean so much to me – ; probably, would have kept sat at the bottom of the mainstream, and wouldn’t have turned in the person I am today.

I don’t regret my choice, but sometimes, I find myself feeling my heart tighten, and this particular anguish whose provenance hasn’t been released – at least, not for me. I don’t know if I’m deceiving myself, and that doubt, that absence of answers [and also of ways to find them] destroys me, piece by piece.

As I’ve already made clear, I do love fashion and design, but I also love photography [the magic of the moment you keep safe in your memory for an entire eternity is something that I just can’t explain properly. It’s like I could go back in time, whenever I wanted. As if someone could actually stop the time, and have it as one wishes] and, of course, I’m so devoted to writing, painting scenes, pictures, entire exhibitions in my mind, and describing them with my very own words, without getting close to an end.

In a certain way, writing and drawing have always been together in my life. When working on actual projects, like novels, I always draw the places where my story happens. I carefully draw the houses and plan their inside, placing objects in order to give more reality to my scenes, and to allow everyone to imagine the actual place without problems. Of course, I also think about the way the characters are dressed, and even research – when writing a period romance – , to find out how was life in that time.

Surely, design has a strong connection with writing, since the entire history of design was built by designers and architects, people who worked with design… But the authentic question is: will it work for me? Will I be happy just devoting a part of my existence to words, while devoting the other part to fashion design? Will I be able to manage my love for photography, too? Will I ever feel complete, living like that, without having one passion – like everyone else does – but several meaningful ones? Will I find the time, the willingness, the strength to dedicate myself, with all of my heart to design, so that I can sincerely improve, and still do everything else? Will I ever manage my time correctly, so that I can do everything I love?

In the end, it all comes to one question: who the hell am I? What do I want? 

Will I ever find those answers, the real ones? And will I ever cease the anguish I have, exactly because I don’t know them?

So many things, so little time. Gosh, I often feel like my head is a few minutes to blow. I keep thinking, and don’t seem to find a thing. Soon, September will arrive and I’ll need to prove that I deserve the place I have in that Fashion Design class. I have to be stunningly great, yes, I do. Yet, I wonder where will I find the strength to do it; what is, in the end, my carrot, the goal I want to achieve and will make me fight , no matter what, to get it.

Gosh, Amy, take a breath. Or, better, start acting. You can’t stay like this any longer. You can’t wait anymore. You need to do something. 


And There Was a Click About Life

Sometimes, I think everything could actually be different.

When I truly think about my existence, there’s a lot I find that quite doesn’t make sense. It seems like I’m always doing things in order not to upset others, not to hurt them, not to let them down, not to shock them. Yes, always them. It seems like I’m not doing a thing for myself. And when I try to, I always think about how they will react.

If we really examine this wisely, we’ll see that I’m the fool that’s always too worried about others to worry about herself.

At certain points of my existence, I honestly feel like a complete fake: I can’t stand saying exactly what I think, and get a terrific feed-back. I always did it, one or two years ago, when I truly didn’t care about anyone. At college, things are quite different, and I just didn’t want to make enemies at the first shot. I wanted to be sociable, to talk to people. Therefore, I absolutely couldn’t say that, at first, I only seemed to like one or two people of my class.

I honestly wonder why I choose the Arts field. No, I was not pleasing someone, since all my colleagues chose Sciences, and I was also going to leave the school. I remember the first poems I wrote, but I can’t remember the day I woke up and wanted to be an architect, or why I chose it. I just can’t.

But here is the point: sometimes I think that my life could be exactly what I want it to be. And that feeling brings me a whole new sense of freedom. Not that I know what I want but, just knowing that this can be what I want makes everything better.

Sometimes at the train, I just stare at that blue, magnificent sea, take a breath and smile. I know that I can be different, if I try. I think that I could run a fashion magazine and have a nice touch computer on the table of my office, like those we see on TV. I think I actually could be appreciated by who I am and what I do, as long as I’m committed to it.

Sometimes I even think about throwing a bucket of ink at this blog, and paint it all white. I know that someday I’ll just lose my mind and do it.

[So yes, I think that, in a short period of time, I’ll just do what modernists did in the beginning of 20th century: face design as true commitment, and not just as a thing to spare time]